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All That Is Seen And Unseen

This event has already taken place.Saturdays and Sundays, noon – 5 pm, through Sept. 10;

“All That Is Seen And Unseen,” a solo art exhibition by Amelia Marzec at Flux Factory on Governors Island, opens Saturday August 19, 2pm-5pm. The exhibition presents a collection of objects on the topic of a “queer technological Eastern European diaspora.”

The installation includes: shrines that broadcast coming out stories over Family Radio Service; a typeface inspired by an AI’s opinion of early Slavic writing systems; a sculpture that listens for military aircraft through a radio hidden in a folk art ceiling decoration; and digital photographs that depict the body in ritual garments from Pagan marriage and Catholic priesthood. Software with imagery based on traditional papercuts, depicting wom­en’s bod­ies, weapons, and pre-Chris­t­ian symbols, will be shown. It will also be projected on church buildings and institutional architecture during the run of the show, in conjunction with the Island Luminaria exhibition.

Additionally, a virtual reality piece will be presented at Harvestworks. It is a walking simulator filled with impotent paper-doll tanks.

Image: Amelia Marzec, 2023.


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