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Amy Karle: Virtual Artist Talk

August 3, 2023, 5 pm6 pm.

Join Chimaera for a very special virtual event featuring bioartist and futurist Amy Karle, a visionary whose work seamlessly fuses art, science, and technology.

Karle will share her extraordinary artistic journey, revealing her creative process and the inspiration behind her captivating work. Karle’s impressive portfolio includes “Regenerative Reliquary,” a piece created using stem cells and 3D printing to construct a scaffold-like structure representing a human hand, demonstrating the body’s regenerative potential. Another notable series, “Internal Collection,” showcases Karle’s fascination with human anatomy, and consists of wearable art garments inspired by the human nervous system, lung, and ligaments. With her remarkable ability to merge art, biology and technology, Amy Karle’s work challenges our perceptions, inspires contemplation, and invites us to reconsider the boundaries of artistic creation. Since 2015, Karle has integrated biotech, AI, ANN, ML, and generative design into her practice for creative and practical purposes, and to explore the opportunities and challenges arising from these technologies in healthcare and the future of humanity.


Amy Karle has shown work in 54 international exhibitions, including at: The Centre Pompidou, France; The Mori Art Museum, Japan; The Smithsonian, USA; Ars Electronica, Austria; Beijing Media Arts Biennale, China; FILE International Electronic Language Festival, Brazil; and Milano Triennale, Italy. Karle is also regularly invited to share her innovations and insights as an expert speaker and in think tanks world-wide. She was honored as one of BBC’s 100 most inspiring and influential women, has been named one of the “Most Influential Women in 3D Printing”, and was Grand Prize Winner of the “YouFab Global Creative Award”. Karle was also an Artist Diplomat through the U.S. Department of State tasked with diplomacy, social innovation, women’s empowerment, and supporting cross disciplinary collaborations using art and technology to address social issues.