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This event has already taken place.Oct. 27 – 28, 8 pm,
BODY-SHADOW, Photo by Brice Brown and Steve Gibson, Dancer_ Jin Ju Song-Begin, -still-8

BODY / SHADOW is an experimental opera with music by Paul J. Botelho, images, set design, and text by Brice Brown, choreography by Douglas Dunn, and visual media design by Steve Gibson. Presented in the round, the work features 16 dancers who perform a series of nonlinear, one-minute acts. Dunn conducts the dancers in real time, improvising the sequencing of each act. As the dancers move throughout the space, they activate a five-channel video that is projected onto dancer-handled screens. Simultaneously, Botelho circulates among the dancers, performing vocal improvisations to an electro-acoustic score. This layered multimedia-based opera calls into question the coherence of the human body, highlighting its vulnerability and doubleness.



239 Thompson Street
New York, NY 10012 United States