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Crown Shy Workshop: Renata

November 19, 2022, noon5 pm.
food available for purchase

Renata Ameni, Executive Pastry Chef of Crown Shy and SAGA, will offer a pastry pop-up at 228 Mott on November 19 from noon until she sells out. Through this pop-up, Renata brings her collection of pastry specialities, inspired by the confections she creates for the restaurants at 70 Pine, to a new neighborhood. Renata was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil by Italian and Lebanese parents, and has lived in the States for the past seventeen years. She draws her creativity in the kitchen from these various cultural influences and her travels around the world. Renata’s ice creams are as beloved as her pastries, for which she gained a cult following when she developed a pastry box that was sold at Crown Shy during the height of the pandemic in 2020.