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Delivery Boy – A New Play

This event has already taken place.Feb. 1 – 11, 7 – 8:30 pm, Feb. 10 & 11, 2 – 3:30 pm.


Jaden Alvaro Gines’s DELIVERY BOY is a unique seriocomedy that focuses heavily on the lower middle class of America, giving perspective on the families who are stuck in a never ending struggle of spending every last bit of money to stay exactly where they are stuck. The play deals with the slow, clawing nature of depression, mental illness, and generational trauma, with a heavy emphasis on the hefty burden of the college admissions economics—all seen through the eyes of a teenager on the cusp of securing a college experience, with the help of his teacher (Jessica LaMonaca). With two hours to midnight on New Years Eve, Delivery Boy (Kathleen Salazar) is stuck delivering pizzas on his old, rusty bicycle in the center of working class suburbia. With no goals, no plans for the future, and his aspirations for college being far gone, Delivery Boy must come to terms with those he’s lost, who he wants to be, and what lies ahead of him in the new year, all while the clock ticks down to midnight.

Directed by Ryan Henry

Stage Managed by Jenna Baker Morrissey

KSTC Studios — 942 Bergen St. Brooklyn, NY 11238


942 Bergen St
Brooklyn, NY 11238 United States