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Emo Bingo (+ Live Podcast Recording)

November 28, 2023, 7 pm10 pm.

Miss the days when you could unabashedly rock that Panic! At the Disco shirt and paint your nails black without getting those side-eyes? Yearning for an excuse to unearth that “The Black Parade” uniform you’ve secretly stashed away? Break out those studded belts and band patches – it’s time for emo bingo night hosted by Scarlet Estelle aka Scardi B.

What’s Going Down?

  • Emo Bingo: Not just any bingo – it’s an emotional rollercoaster. Grab your cards and maybe a tissue or two. Win surprises and make Pete Wentz proud. 
  • Sing-Alongs: Ready to belt out anthems from your emo heyday? We’re here to scream-sing every word with you.
  • Trivia: Remember that obscure song title from your MySpace playlist? It’s your time to shine.
  • LIVE Podcast Recording: Dive deep into the emo abyss with Sugar We’re Going In, hosted by the iconic Chris Payne! And seriously, if you haven’t read “Where Are Your Boys Tonight?”, what’s even the point of your emo phase?
  • Dress code: EMO AF. 

Brush off that eyeliner, re-dye those bangs, and let’s show 2007 how it’s really done.

P.S. It’s BYOS (Bring Your Own Straightener). 


990 Filbert Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107 United States