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Firebird Festival Documentary Theatrical Premiere

December 9, 2023, 8 am5 pm.
Firebird Built to Burn Theatrical Run Information 1

A Story That’s Waited Eighteen Years To Be Told!    

Firebird: Built to Burn is a documentary that delves into a year in the making of the beloved Firebird Festival, where a tight-knit community gathers every December to ignite a giant wooden phoenix. Fueled by their rustbelt spirit, a diverse group of volunteers persevere through pandemic restrictions, local government negotiations, and months of arduous building to orchestrate a cathartic come-back festival after their absence in 2020. Told through intimate interviews and fly-on-the-wall verité, Firebird: Built to Burn is a wholesome look into an unconventional tradition.

You can purchase tickets at The Colonial Theatre‘s website. A limited engagement will continue through December 14th.