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The Persistence of Geography – Charles Schmidt (Artist Reception)

January 12, 6 pm9 pm.
Looking Downriver Low res

Imagine you’re on a plane, looking out the window at the breathtaking scenery below. The landscape unfolds beneath you, blurring the lines between human-made structures and the beauty of nature. It’s like entering a whole new world, where the noise and chaos of everyday life fades away. The Persistence of Geography features landscape paintings of the Delaware Water Gap by Charles Schmidt, which not only capture the beauty of the site, but also offer a profound reflection upon the intricate interplay between humanity, temporality, and the grandeur of the natural world.

Charles Schmidt is reknowned for his incredible figure paintings, but this series took him on a different path to new heights (literally). He had the opportunity see the world from a whole new perspective: the sky. The idea for this series came during a helicopter ride where he saw Mount Vesuvius and Mount St. Helens from inside of a plane. This inspired him to turn his attention to a place closer to home—the Delaware Water Gap. Schmidt discovered the contrast between the untouched wilderness of New Jersey and the bustling, patterned landscape of Pennsylvania, with Interstate 80 cutting through the center, creating a fascinating contrast with the natural beauty around it. Schmidt took seasonal flights over the same site, each offering a fresh perspective of new colors and textures.

These artworks remind us of our timeless desire to connect with nature, to escape the grind of everyday life, and to explore the beauty of our world from a different angle. The Persistence of Geography by Charles Schmidt invites you to join this extraordinary journey and discover the profound beauty that lies beyond the ordinary.


3502 Scotts Lane #2113
Philadelphia, PA 19129 United States