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Through the Mind’s Eye: Closing Reception

December 21, 2023, 6 pm8:30 pm.

Discover the intersection of art, science, and the human psyche at Chimaera’s latest exhibition “Through the Mind’s Eye”, featuring the works of seven artists working in various mediums to explore the realm of psychedelics and their emerging role in promoting mental health and wellness. As society delves deeper into the therapeutic potential of psychedelics, “Through the Mind’s Eye” invites you on a voyage within your own consciousness. From ethereal paintings to immersive video, this exhibition explores the connections between art and the human psyche, offering visitors a transformative journey of mental exploration and self-discovery.

Featured artists:

Kim Brickley

Lori Evensen

Su Knoll Horty

Diedra Krieger

Andrey Maximov

Jenn Rockwell

Justin Tyner

Kristen Wierman


3502 Scotts Lane #2113
Philadelphia, PA 19129 United States